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On pinatas, or how to relieve your political frustrations in Trump world

Trump piñatas a hit across cultures  [headline in Sunday’s Tribune A+E section]   It seems Trump pinatas are now a big thing; From south of the border to maybe Beijing. Until we impeach him, It’s one way to teach him, And if I could do it, I’d take a good swing.

On press briefings: A clerihew

  Sarah Huckabee Sanders Often meanders. She’s a very good dancer Around every answer.  

Trump's reign on parade

“Donald Trump loves pomp and circumstance. He loves public displays of toughness. And he really, really loves the military. Add it all up and you get this: “Trump tells Pentagon to plan a military parade.” The parade would be modeled after the Bastille Day parade that Trump spectated last year during a visit to France.... Read more »

My sense of humor

  My own sense of humor’s a source of much fun; A defense mechanism when under the gun. Though my aunt calls it ‘dry’ I prefer the word ‘wry’ And I like just about any plausible pun.

Relieving myself of Trump

  In an email I got from the RNCC, I am offered a cup for my coffee or tea. Do I want a ‘Trump mug’ To drink from or chug? I think it would be much more fitting for pee.    

The Chinese don't like Trump's Red lines

“Xinhua, the state news agency, has more or less asked Mr. Trump to shut up. ‘An obsession with ‘Twitter foreign policy’ is undesirable,’ read the headline of a Xinhua commentary on Tuesday about Mr. Trump’s posts. ‘Everyone recognizes the common sense that foreign policy isn’t child’s play, and even less is it like doing business... Read more »

Trump would have been Mrs. Malaprop's favorite president

  Trump’s not a grammarian proper and prim; In the sense of semantics he misses the rim. Perhaps he was tired When this tweet was fired. Nonetheless I would like to unpresident him.  

In this digital age, the perfect salute to the president-elect, cathartically speaking

  I have a response when Trump raises his thumbs. It’s not dignified, kind, or polite. It would be offensive to him and his chums. But somehow, I think, it is right.

Separated at Birth: Arne Duncan and Randy Whitman

  The last resemblance I posited  between two famous people (John Madden and Spencer Tracy) got a dissenting vote from my frequent visitor and astute commenter Jack, who thought Tracy’s jaw was a bit longer than Madden’s. This time I think the similarity of physiognomies is beyond exception. Randy Whitman on the left above is... Read more »

Funny cat videos? Don't make me laugh.

  I. POINT On funny cat videos I’m not an authority Their humor escapes me. I’m in the minority. II.COUNTERPOINT Check out Steve Dale’s “Ten Funny Cat Videos” on his ChicagoNow blog, Steve Dale’s Pet World.