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Today in History: March 18

  In 1781 Something known by very few: Messier** rediscovered M92.* *The 92nd  globular cluster in Messier’s Catalogue; that is, ” a large group of old stars that are closely packed in a symmetrical, somewhat spherical form. Globular clusters, so called because of their roughly spherical appearance, are the largest and most massive star clusters.”  ... Read more »

Today in History: February 25

      In 1793 The first cabinet convened After Washington made sure His slaves had cooked and cleaned.* *The meeting took place at Washington’s estate at Mount Vernon   In 1790 slaves made up almost 40% of the population of the Commonwealth of Virginia. When Washington died in 1799 he had 317 slaves.  

Today in History: February 23

  In 1821 Poet John Keats Succumbs to TB And his Creator meets.* * “Shelley and Keat’s editor Leigh Hunt [claimed] that his decline had been hastened by bad reviews—tethered Keats’s death to his literary disappointments. Lord Byron, in his narrative poem ‘Don Juan,’ alluded to the same idea when he wrote, ‘ ‘Tis strange... Read more »

Today in History: January 28

  In 1547 King Henry VIII Gave up the ghost And turned into a wraith.