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If we want a good society, the rich will have to do more than accumulate wealth

  “Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required; and of him to whom men commit much they will demand the more.” Luke 12:48   We  talk about health care on buses, in cabs; But the knowledge we have comes  in dribbles and drabs. The debate sometimes ranges From mandates,... Read more »

It's a Wonderful Life without Trump

  Christmas movies, they claim, that are sappy Will uplift you and make your heart happy. So watch Stewart as  Bailey And you won’t feel so wailey Thinking what Trump may do that is crappy.      

On Nothing

    “But the one skill Maddon seemingly is proudest of is the art of doing nothing. According to the Cubs‘ manager, no one does nothing better than him. ‘I really enjoy that,’ he said. ‘I didn’t have enough chance to do nothing last offseason. I want more of an opportunity to do nothing, and... Read more »

Lemony Wicked

  “Biochemicals found in berries, citrus fruit and red wine might  help men maintain healthy erections, a nutrition study suggests>”  [Dennis Thompson in today’s Tribune A & E section]   If your sex drive has gone on vacation And there isn’t a good explanation. Squeeze a lemon or lime Drink red wine, and in time... Read more »

In the afterglow of Christmas

  The trouble with Christmas it comes and goes fast. Like all the good things in life, it doesn’t last. So we should be saddened; Instead let’s be  gladdened To think on the joy of the Christmas just passed.

Gratitude for the commonplace

  For the good things in life I give thanks: For the rivers that run in their banks. For the rise of the sun, And occasional fun, And some mustard to put on my franks.