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The Saga of Rob Porter Made Simple

  Staff Secretary Porter abused his ex-wives And was privy to secrets affecting our lives. The FBI knew, And McGahn, Kelly, too; Yet into Trump’s skull, the truth never arrives.  

General Kelly should reread the Gettysburg Address

  “During an interview Monday night on Fox News, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said that ‘the lack of the ability to compromise led to the Civil War.'”  []   It’s clear that John Kelly’s no Civil War maven; In Lincoln’s Address is the cause of it graven. In the image Divine Is... Read more »

How General Kelly can save the nation

  The critical mission  of Chief of Staff Kelly Shouldn’t  be to help Trump like a Machiavelli. But to simply convince His impetuous  prince Not to tweet anything after watching the telly.    

Will Trump bowl Kelly over too?

  Good riddance to Priebus whose backbone is jelly. The new Chief of Staff will be General Kelly. Will Trump listen to him, With respect that is due him Or will he be knocked down like pins in a alley?