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An ignorant Trump vents on forest fires

                                                                                                                                                                                              getty images   “Trump doubles down on his previous ignorant tweet about California #water and fires. The only water that reaches the ocean these days is what’s left AFTER the massive diversions OUT of our rivers for cities and farms. And there’s no shortage of fire-fighting water. Nuts.”  [Tweet from Peter Gleick]   On... Read more »

Sean Spicer has a bunny moment

  “Report: Sean Spicer Hid In Bushes After James Comey Firing”  []   The replies of Sean Spicer are rubbery; For  his style,  I have coined ‘flibber-flubbery’. When exposed on the lawn It was totally Sean To hightail and hide in the scrubbery.

On Trump's fascination with Old Hickory

  Of all of the presidents, Jackson’s Trump’s hero; The  reasons he gives really add up to zero. In Trump’s simple thinkin’ He’s greater than Lincoln. What’s next? He admires the Emperor Nero?  

The 2017 Oscars: Accountants in La La Land

  When the Oscars ran long  I retired in a stupor. Not surprising since I’m a resigned party pooper. But  I now have to laugh At the Best Picture gaffe Of those stuffed shirts who work at PriceWaterhouseCooper.

Mr. Pence, flags matter. Next time do your due diligence.

  The Vice-President’s  taking some  heat For confusing two flags in a tweet. Nicaragua’s a blue As does Israel too, Otherwise they are clearly  discrete.    

Trump turns away Turnbull, the Aussie Prime Minister

  Trump talked on the phone with Australia’s P.M. At whom, leaks report,  he did actually scream. Now relations Down Under May be torn asunder And koalas and  kangaroos court a new team.    

With immigrants kept out, Ivanka goes partying decked out

    After Daddy  banned people of Allah Ivanka attended (in British) a ‘gala’. Some of those banned Were sent back to their land. While she posed in a silvery lala.      

Trump would have been Mrs. Malaprop's favorite president

  Trump’s not a grammarian proper and prim; In the sense of semantics he misses the rim. Perhaps he was tired When this tweet was fired. Nonetheless I would like to unpresident him.  

Trump's rhetoric puts mankind itself in jeopardy

  “It remains unclear how Trump will behave after his inauguration, but his tweets and actions during the transition leave plenty of room for misunderstandings both domestically and diplomatically.” []   At the times now when peace and good will are unfurled, We know wisdom must guide every word  stitched and purled. Let it be... Read more »

Trump gets a Bronx cheer at the Al Smith dinner.

  At a fundraiser after the food, Though expected to joke , he was rude. When Trump’s lighthearted cracks Turned to nasty attacks, He deservedly was roundly booed.