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Why Trump continues to deny that Russia hackers put him in office

  Trump doesn’t agree with intelligence geeks That the Russians left fingerprints on Clinton leaks. The picture they paint His election would taint And we all would hear Putin whenever Trump speaks.

The Russians are hacking, the Russians are hacking, the Russians are hacking

  Almonds and pine nuts and roasting chestnuts; We lump them together and call nut. And now we can thank seedy geeks in Moscow That our next president is a walnut.    

A tagline for the Trump administration

For Clinton I voted for which I am proud. And I firmly believe she did win too. In no time at all  we’ll be crying out loud, “Here’s another fine mess he’s got into!”  

Putin and Trump: Two peas in a pod

“Trump has repeatedly lauded Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for their ability to control their people.” []   Why is it that Russia does want a Trump win? The question’s ignored by the e-mail din. Is it that Trump caters To fascist dictators Like Assad, Kim Jong-un, and Putin?  

Afghanistan: the graveyard of empires (and democracies?)

  “President Obama said Wednesday that he planned to leave 8,400 American troops in Afghanistan until the end of his term, further slowing the drawdown in a 14-year war that Mr. Obama pledged to end on his watch but now seems likely to grind on indefinitely.” []   Obama’s not leaving Afghanistan. I think we’ll... Read more »

Why Putin endorses Donald Trump

This should make the Far Right hotter: Trump has Putin’s imprimatur. Putin likes Trump, though he’s crass, Because he knows a horse’s ass.

Cleaning Putin's clock is a bird-brained idea

  Donald Duck once  threw tomatoes At the Fuehrer’s nose. Now Kasich says he’d punch the faces Of our Russian foes. But  geopolitical policy Like this would lead to ruin If we elect someone who thinks No better than a toon.