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Be Good Enough, Be Smart Enough, and Don't Worry if People Don't Like You: An Affirmation Pome

Science note: The kumquat [Chinese for ‘golden orange’] was introduced to Europe in 1846 by Robert Fortune, collector for the London Horticultural Society, and shortly thereafter into North America.  Obey the precepts of your heart. Love God and love your neighbor. Give of yourself and do your part. Enjoy the fruits of labor. Fear not... Read more »

Digesting a Food Critic

At this very moment someone, somewhere, is rhapsodizing in purple prose about food. It is a subject that copiously  stimulates the gastronome’s  poetic juices.  In the food section of  any metropolitan daily  can be found this literary genre. “The bright barramundi meuniere is dressed in the classic brown-butter-lemon-caper sauce usually associated with Dover sole.” So reads... Read more »

In an Interview with the Tribune, Paula Deen Stands by Her Menu

Says Paula Deen: “Folks can be mean. What if I’m diabetic? I’m still the queen Of rich cuisine And butter’s copasetic. Let people eat Food fat and sweet. They after all are free to. They’ll get obese From all that grease. But on my meds, not me  too!”

Moses, Romney, and the Flavors of the Mouth

Variety is the spice of life. And the food we eat.  Some of us  like mild flavor enhancers. Some like it hot.  And there, truly, is no accounting for taste.  God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. What if God had also given him a tablet with the Ten Condiments. What would they have been? Well,... Read more »

Mickey D's Nixes Pink Slime And So Should The USDA

Let’s tell the Feds that you’re and I’m Against beef fillers called pink slime. Pink slime is bits of meat and fat They use to feed your dog and cat. Which is good reason, as a rule, To not serve it in any school. For children after lunch in class Don’t need to stomach ammonia... Read more »

A Response To "Rick Bayless told me how to cook salmon"

Nutritionists all share a wish That all of us would eat more fish. For underneath the scales and fins Are rich supplies of vitamins. And minerals, to name but some, Like iron, zinc, and calcium. In general a few know that They’re high in protein, low in fat. So think next time you put the ham in. A healthier dish... Read more »

Ben & Jerry's New Flavor: Crow

Ben & Jerry is  a cutting-edge brand of ice cream. Innovative, creative, culturally hip.  With a sort of subversive humor, at times, too.  Not for them  vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or any other conventional  flavor.     B & J once had a  “Fossil Fuel” (with ‘fudge dinosaurs’).   Understandably, it was eventually depleted.     For a sensual treat, you can enjoy its... Read more »

Paczki: A Pre-Lenten Pig-Out

Have you had your paczki yet? Today’s the day. I say ‘paunch-key’ with the accent on ‘paunch’. Which is what will expand if you eat enough of these Polish pastries.  Being of Polish descent, I almost feel an ethnic compulsion to partake. My mother—rest her soul— made the best paczki.  And I don’t say that out of... Read more »

Abigail Makes Six

I had to change the  profile on this blog  yesterday—eyes right! My son Jeremy and his wife Laura happily welcomed their first child.  Now my wife and I have a half-dozen grandchildren.  Stephanie, Kayla, Colin,  Aidan, Holden, and fresh from the oven,  Abigail.  Three of each gender.  Our love is boundless . So we have stores and... Read more »

A Cooking Time Bomb

New York chef Anthony Bourdain has called her “the most dangerous person to America”.   If it sounds like someone who has  a recipe for disaster, it is, in a sense. Bourdain was talking about the Food Network’s popular Southern belle, peppery Paula Deen. Deen loves to concoct salivating dishes that send your calorie counter through the roof: ... Read more »