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GMOs in the land of Dr. Oz

“Dr. Mehmet Oz says last week’s attack by 10 doctors who accused him of promoting “quack treatments” on his TV show was spurred by his vocal support for labeling genetically modified foods – a stance he says some if not all of those accusers oppose.” [  April 23] We do not like thee, Dr. Oz.... Read more »

Food TV: A recipe for weight gain?

  “…a recent study performed in the United Kingdom, found that TV chefs’ recipes were high in fat, saturated fat, and sodium compared to the World Health Organization’s nutritional guidelines (Howard, Adams, & White, 2012). The TV recipes also contained more calories, protein, and fat than supermarket pre-prepared meals, which traditionally are not that nutritious either.” []   A study... Read more »

These Men Have the Hots for Sex

Science Headline: French researchers claim men with an appetite for spicy food are ‘alpha males’ with higher levels of testosterone. (The Telegraph) Men who savor spicy foods Are better for erotic moods. Purportedly a study has shown These males have more testosterone. On them a jalapeno acts Like sundry aphrodisiacs. So looking for a stallion,... Read more »

National Hot Dog Day Stirs Up Some Memories

  Today is National Hot Dog Day.   Of  this,  Peter Bella, the Cooking Cop, reminds us on the ChicagoNow circuit.  Peter reverentially says he’s going to celebrate the occasion by….drum roll please….eating a hot dog. I imagine somewhere on this day there will be or has already been  a joyous  Hot Dog Parade.   With... Read more »

Do You Understand Cuisinese? Take This Quiz and Find Out.

When it comes to food and drink, I’m basically  a meat and potatoes guy.  I rarely experiment on my palate.  A  given whenever I eat out  is that I avoid the spicy food   for the life of me.  Literally.  I suffer from severe allergies to hot peppers and all their derivatives. Once I got... Read more »

A "Good Eating" Tip From the Tribune

  (The following verse is based on the article “Forgotten fruit” in today’s Chicago Tribune’s ‘Good Eating’  section.) A stone  fruit we don’t eat a lot Is the forgotten apricot. In supermarkets we will reach For every cherry, plum, or peach But seldom do we save a spot In diets for the  apricot. Those  chefs... Read more »

Thoughts on a Vegan Way of Life

  We should all eat more veggies and fruit And eat less of the fowl and brute, But old habits die hard So my diet’s still marred By a burger with bacon to boot. Postscript: This post marks a milestone for this blogger. It is my 1000th. Thanks for reading on the way here.

C.W. Post: Flaky Inventor

Born today was C.W. Post Who decided that breakfast  be more than just toast Or something— he thought— that would clog  your arterials. And so introduced his nutritional cereals.

Upton Sinclair: He Saw a Jungle Out There

On this day born : Upton Sinclair, Muckraker extraordinaire. His expose of Chicago’s  Stockyards Was a clarion call for more stringent safeguards. “They had chains which they fastened about the leg of the nearest hog, and the other end of the chain they hooked into one of the rings upon the wheel. So, as the wheel turned, a... Read more »

Subway's Foot-Long Doesn't Measure Up

Fast Food Note: An Australian diner alleges that the Subway foot-long sandwich is really 11 inches in length. At Subway it’s always been neat That their  sandwiches are sold  in feet. But there’s now a report Of  some sandwiches short By an  inch that  their ads claim you’ll eat.