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Starbuck's Howard Schultz likes Hillary a latte

  “Schultz is one of the country’s most politically outspoken chief executives, but until now he had not taken sides in the 2016 race between Democrat Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. ‘I think it’s obvious Hillary Clinton needs to be the next president,’ Schultz told Poppy Harlow at the first-ever CNNMoney American Opportunity conference... Read more »

Lent: Is there any profit in it?

  Author’s Note: The following verse was inspired by “Are you tired of Lent? by ChicagoNow blogger Pam Spano.   Are you sick of the season of Lent? When you must sacrifice and repent? You  can’t wait till Easter To act like a feaster? Then you’re part of the top one percent.

Crashing While Not on a Diet?

  NPR News: The world’s largest maker of crash test dummies is making one that is obese. Our engineers in earnest strive To make sure cars are safe to drive. They’re testing them with newer  dummies Who have more stuffing in their  tummies; The fat will live with safer seating. They’ll live to die from... Read more »

Journalism: One Scoop or Two?

  Research note:  The British press release distribution company Pressat funded a study that shows journalists drink more coffee (4 cups a day) than any other profession. Coffee can keep you awake No matter the brand or the make For the 24-7 It can be a great leaven While  you wait for a story to... Read more »

Name Your Poison: Can You Pass This Bar Exam?

Here’s a test that has all the ingredients for making you  the life of the party.  Or for  just coming down after a stressful day.  Can you identify the alcoholic beverage from what goes into making it?  Belly up to the bar and find out with the following twenty  blends.  Answers follow for those still... Read more »

Remembering Maya Angelou During National Hot Dog Month

“I love a Hebrew National hot dog with an ice-cold Corona. No lime. If the phone rings, I can’t answer until I’m done.” [Maya Angelou]   Some relish the legs of a frog With a chardonnay as a prologue. But Miss Angelou Liked a Mexican brew, Hold the lime, with a kosher hot dog.

Sorry, Hammervision, Butter Goes On My Muffin, Not In My Coffee!

  Some people put cream in their joe At a restaurant or on the go. But now there’s a trend For a buttery blend. What will they use  next?  Oleo?

Verse Inspired by the Blog "Celebrate Earthday: Kill an Animal and Eat It" by Rick Bohning

  Consider, friends, the humble cow Who’s fed for our consumption corn That’s sprayed with chemicals from Dow So we could have milk in the morn.  

Edouard Manet: "The Painter of Modern Life"

[Can you find Manet in his painting of a concert in the Tuileries Gardens?] Born today: Edouard Manet. His paintings reflect how they lived  in his day The Folies-Bergere in a mirror is viewed Or in anticipation a prostitute nude. “This was the painting with which Manet shocked the art establishment of Second Empire Paris.... Read more »

Louis Pasteur: He Put the Heat On the Germs

  Born today was Louis Pasteur; For rabies and anthrax he discovered  a cure. In microbiology his fame never dies. His shelf-life endures in the word ‘pasteurize’. “Emperor Napoleon III  enlisted Pasteur to save France’s wine industry from the “diseases of wine”. In previous experiments, Pasteur had discovered that heating the fermented wine would kill... Read more »