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Henry Royce: His Car: The Creme de la Creme

Born today was Henry Royce Whose cars still are  deluxe  and choice. Named after him and Charles Rolls, And priced  beyond the reach of proles. 2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom. $543,000. 6.7 liter, V12, 453 Horsepower. Mpg=11 (city) 19 (country).

Washington Roebling: Motorcar Whiz and Titanic Hero

  Born today was Washington Roebling A pioneer in automob’ling. Race car engineer, mechanic, Lost his life aboard Titanic.   “Roebling had big plans for his company, which was also producing a handsome touring edition of the Raceabout. He was constantly on a quest to improve his cars, and in the spring of 1912, he... Read more »

John Deere: Nothing Runs Like His Legacy

Today’s the birthday of John Deere. In America’s drama a ground-breaking actor. Farmers still  swear that there isn’t  a peer To his practical plow or his trademark green  tractor. [8R/8RT Series Tractor] Personal note: This entry in my series of birthday commemorations is especially for my son-in-law Nate Higgins who grew up on a farm... Read more »

Isaac Asimov: I, Renaissance Man

Born today was Isaac Asimov. To his memory I bid a fond mazel tov. Prolific author of fiction and non- Somewhere, I wonder, if he’s writing on. I won’t pretend to be objective about Isaac Asimov. I may have read more of his books than any other author’s.  He wrote more than 500 of them. ... Read more »

Howard Hughes: A Classic Case Study: Money Can't Buy Happiness

Born today was Howard Hughes. As an aviator we’ll give  him his dues. He amassed a fortune on this globe But died a pitiable  mysophobe.*   *An irrational fear of germs. The above artist conception of Hughes in his last days is based on eyewitness accounts. There are no actual photos of him after 1956.... Read more »

Gustave Eiffel: His Name Is Synonymous With Paris

Born today was Gustave Eiffel. Those unfamiliar with his life’ll Know him at this present hour Eponymously for a tower.   In Trivial Pursuit of the Eiffel Tower: 1. It is 1063 feet (324 meters) tall. 2. It is lit with 5 billion lights. 3. It is made of wrought iron. 4. In the sun, it grows... Read more »

Willis Carrier: He Showed Us What Cool Is

Born today was Willis Carrier Who made the dog days less adversarier. He  invented the  AC  so him let us hail. Due to him in the heat  cooler heads now prevail. [Willis Carrier with his first air conditioner]