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Gary Cohn: A man of principal (and interest)

  Trump has led Cohn too long by the nose, So a change in his fortunes he chose. He’s decided that he In his trade should be free, And so out of the White House, he goes.

Trump's economic proposals are lipstick on a Reaganomics pig

    Trump has  unveiled his economy plan: Lower taxes on every rich woman and man. Deregulation Is good for the nation. And whatever Reagan did, Trump thinks he can.

Will Brexit help elect Trump?

  “Trump had expressed support for the Brexit in the past. On Friday, he likened voters’ decision in the U.K. to the U.S. presidential election. ‘People want to take their country back and have independence. You’re going to have many other cases where they want to take their borders back,” he said. “They want to... Read more »

On unemployment, is Trump working with a full deck?

  “Donald Trump made a complete break from reality in his New Hampshire victory speech by declaring that the unemployment numbers are a lie, and unemployment is really 42%. Trump said, ‘I am going to be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. Remember that. Don’t believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9... Read more »

Sharing the wisdom of what I have read: Installment #1

  I’ve been collecting passages from what I read for many years now.  It has been for me a kind of memory bank of stimulating ideas and felicitous ways of expressing them.  After I had been doing this for awhile, I discovered that it was a common practice among writers and thinkers in the past.... Read more »

Henry Wallace Could Have Been Speaking of the Koch Brothers

Many Americans have never  heard of Henry Wallace.  But he deserves to be remembered.  He was like Jefferson in that he respected the agrarian way of life and had faith in the power and destiny of the common man. He was Secretary of Agriculture in the  darkest days of the Great  Depression. Few at the... Read more »

Representative Aaron Schock Tilts with the Minimum Wage

  Ilinois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock appeared last night on MSNBC after the State of the Union address.  In case you forgot or didn’t know, MSNBC is the Progressive antidote to Fox News. Republican elected officials are generally phobic about MSNBC, and approach it with trepidation, if at all.  So I give Mr. Schock credit... Read more »

Bruce Rauner's Idea of Tax Reform

  Bruce Rauner says he wants to raise The FICA  and Medicare taxes. Though he hasn’t  paid either one these days As he counts what he saves and relaxes.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: He Towers Over All Presidents of Modern Times

Today’s the birthday of  Franklin D.  Roosevelt. When our country the Greatest  Depression was dealt, He found a fresh deck and he opened the seal; Rebooted  the game with what’s called “The New Deal”. New Deal programs with the deepest impact on American life: (1) Social Security Act; (2) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; (3) Securities... Read more »

Salmon P. Chase: A High Profile in U.S. Currency

Born today was Salmon P. Chase Rival of Lincoln in a  presidential race. Decided for the Union in a landmark case. On the ten thou bill you will see his face. [Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase swearing in President U.S. Grant to a second term on March 4, 1873]