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Thoughts on the popularity of the Living Dead

  The zombies are spreading  from LA to Boston They even are haunting the world of Jane Austen. Despite so unpleasant They are omnipresent And more stories than not they are tossed in.      

Trump in "The Game of Thrones"

  Direwolves, White walkers, and Wildlings. Oh my! The critically acclaimed and wildly popular HBO series “The Game of Thrones” returns for its sixth season on April 24. To its parade, I’ve come rather late.  Only a month ago.  But I’ve made up for lost time.  I just finished the first of George R.R. Martin’s... Read more »

A fan bids farewell to Downton Abbey

  “Will Carson and Mrs. Hughes make it down the aisle? Will Branson find happiness in America? Will Mary snap up the affections of the “snappy chariot” driver? Downton Abbey Season 6 premieres January 3, 2016, 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS! Together, let’s plan to make the coming year a celebration of Downton Abbey as... Read more »

Downton Abbey's Frank Sinatra?

  I caught  the latest episode of Downton Abbey Sunday after missing it a week ago.  As its  fans all know, Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) is having doubts about one suitor, Terence Sampson (Patrick Kennedy), while another, Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden), makes his pitch It’s only one strand in a tapestry of subplots in... Read more »

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dazzles in "A Most Wanted Man"

  My wife, her mom, and I made a rare visit to a movie theater yesterday.  The stars, I guess, must have been  in perfect alignment . I  did the usual groundwork, investigating  the offerings at the local big-screen emporiums. My first choice, Woody Allen’s “Magic in the Moonlight”,  wasn’t available  at the usual places. ... Read more »

It's Always Good to Have the Last Word. See If You Do by Taking This Test on Hamlet.

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is considered by many the greatest play ever written.  Many of its lines have become embedded in the collective memory of readers around the world.  It is no exaggeration to say that recognizing them is an indication of one’s cultural literacy.  How well can you complete each of the following quotations culled... Read more »

A Glowing Review of "The Sound of Music"

  Our coterie of theatergoers—6 of us, 3 cousins and their wives—had been waiting for this moment for over six months. When the curtain opened at the Civic Opera House  at the  Wednesday matinee, the moment finally arrived. We were swiftly transported to an abbey near the Austrian Alps. Where the nuns were chanting a... Read more »

Downton Abbey and a Milestone in the Movies

A century ago yesterday the first full-length color movie opened in England. “The World, the Flesh and the Devil”.  The title comes from the Book of Common Prayer. According to my Downton Abbey deck calendar, it was a “silent British drama, directed by F. Martin Thornton…about a rotten lawyer trying to find a way to... Read more »

Marcel Marceau: His Silence Was Golden

Today was born Marcel Marceau Master mime from head to toe. He spoke of life, sad or absurd And uttered not a single word. Marceau was also adept at printmaking. Above is his ‘Bip at Night’.   I leave you with words of wisdom from the great Marceau. And I quote him verbatim: ”                                                                                             “.

Johann Sebastian Bach: "He Lived But To Worship God and To Write Music."

Today’s the birthday of J.S. Bach Who wrote sacred music for a Lutheran flock. Among the Baroque there wasn’t one savvier. His most famous work is the “Well-Tempered Clavier”. “In writing his monumental ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ Bach once again wanted to create music that would help his wife and children learn to play the keyboard instruments.... Read more »