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Addressing Kim Jong Un, Trump out-Herods Herod

“The guns and the bombs, the rockets and the warships, are all symbols of human failure.”        Lyndon B. Johnson   “Locked and loaded,” Trumps says, is the nuclear bomb; The red line according to him will be Guam. Such fury and sound In a dictator’s found. What we need in our leader’s... Read more »

Trump's feather brainstorm: Coordinating intelligence with Russia on cybersecurity

    “President Donald Trump floated, then seemingly disavowed, a deal for greater cybersecurity cooperation with Russia — an idea that drew dismay and mockery from lawmakers of both parties, and which numerous cyber analysts warned could even make the U.S. less secure.”  []   For cybersecurity Trump has a fix Agreeing with Putin our... Read more »

Macron gets a grip on Trump

“Emmanuel Macron has declared victory over Donald Trump, saying that his ability to defeat the US president in the handshake challenge was a ‘moment of truth’ which showed that the French leader was no pushover. The 39-year-old gripped his much older counterpart’s hand so firmly when they met for the first time ahead of a... Read more »

Sleep may be at a premium on Trump's first overseas trip

  “At one point, he barked at an aide that he thought his first tour abroad should be only about half as long. He will have to abandon his well-known preference for sleeping in his own bed (or in one at the hotels or golf resorts he owns) as he hops between Saudi Arabia, Israel,... Read more »

Trump visits the centers of faith. The world holds its breath.

  Ahead Trump will visit the holiest sites; I assume he will be diplomatic. I pray he will not create any sound bites Like an  uncle confined in the attic.

Trump's credibility not worth a penny or a Euro cent

  Of our President allies are wary; His decisions to them odd and scary. They are fit to be tied That he’s so often lied And is so uninformed and contrary.       ‘

Angela shows Donald real leadership

  Trump will never do what is essential; Take his meeting with Chancellor Merkel. To expect him to act presidential Is the equal of squaring the circle.

Abe and Trump: Hand-to-hand diplomacy

  Japan’s leader shook hands with  host Trump, Unexpecting so prolonged a pump. When their hands were unlocked, Abe turned away shocked And his eyeballs did side to side jump.  

Trump turns away Turnbull, the Aussie Prime Minister

  Trump talked on the phone with Australia’s P.M. At whom, leaks report,  he did actually scream. Now relations Down Under May be torn asunder And koalas and  kangaroos court a new team.    

The Chinese don't like Trump's Red lines

“Xinhua, the state news agency, has more or less asked Mr. Trump to shut up. ‘An obsession with ‘Twitter foreign policy’ is undesirable,’ read the headline of a Xinhua commentary on Tuesday about Mr. Trump’s posts. ‘Everyone recognizes the common sense that foreign policy isn’t child’s play, and even less is it like doing business... Read more »