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Let's face it. We owe Trump to our Constitution

  We celebrate our Founders in speeches and song; They gave us a nation that’s lasted quite long. But we have to acknowledge Their Electoral College Was something they all got so friggingly wrong.

Trump's surrogates try to defend the indefensible

  President Trump has been under a cloud; Each day a new crisis increases the crowd. The most recent demo Is James Comey’s memo; The result is Trump’s team is more bullied and cowed.

If Trump lied that Obama tapped his phones, he should be impeached

“The president cited zero sources and gave zero evidence for these earthshaking claims, and even his top aides were reportedly caught flat-footed by them. Then, he changed the subject from this allegedly momentous scandal he had just discovered to tweet about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s low ratings as host of The Apprentice. And then he headed out... Read more »

A Lenten prayer for America

  In case you forgot it is Lent. When we sacrifice things and repent. I sincerely do pray We’re approaching the  day When we’ll give up our own president.

As Trump tramples on our rights, where are the Republican leaders?

  When he flouts an American value and tenet, Trump’s barely called out by the House or the Senate. But a line must we draw In this country of law Says the Constitution by the men who did pen it.  

Trump's treatment of CNN should put a free press on alert

  It’s about time the media  unite And affirm what is  their  legal right. And  when Trump tries to cow Let them firmly show how They  will all hang together and fight.    

Trumpolini: A Rule by Fiat?

  Trump reminds many of this dictator, A notorious human rights hater. Mussolini, by name. They may not be the same. But Trump seems like a good  simulator.      

Sieg heil, Trump

  You’ll infuriate the Fuhrer, your President Trump, If you disobey  taking a loose step. How parlous ’twill be on the log any bump; Much safer a “Hail!” and a goosestep.  

Colin Kaepernick tells the nation to have a conscience

  “‘I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,’ Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. ‘To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other... Read more »

Was our nation created for the likes of a President Trump?

  It’s almost certain that  Trump will be The  candidate of  the GOP. Did the founding fathers risk lives and honor For such an unprincipled demagogue conner?