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Senate is poised to confirm EPA scourge

  “In 2014, for instance, Pruitt sued to block the EPA’s Regional Haze Rule. The rule is built on a 15-year-old program meant to ensure that air around national parks is especially clear. Pruitt lost his case.”  []   For the EPA Trump’s nominee is Scott Pruitt Who as Sooner A.G. did oppose it and... Read more »

Tom Selleck quenches his thirst...illegally

  “TV star Tom Selleck has been accused of stealing water amid California’s drought from a neighboring water district.“ []   While in the drought most people schlepped, Sweat in the daylight,  when  they slept. The law conserving water kept, All bound by conscience. All, except Tom Selleck, wealthy aquaklept.*   *from the Greek “kleptein”... Read more »

A bison arrival the Rough Rider would have loved

  Chicago Tribune Headline: “Wild bison’s birth in Illinois offers dose of optimism”   The wild bison, majestic beast, Is back on our prairies. A few, at least. 30 were brought to Nachusa last fall On 3, 500 acres in all. And what’s even better a new calf was born On Illinois soil, more famous... Read more »

The elephant escapes the circus, but still is endangered

  Behold the noble elephant So gentle and intelligent. The  circuses vow not to  use them, Which has been one way to abuse them. That said,  all  efforts must be made To ban the senseless ivory trade.