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When it comes to the Promised Land, Trump's no Moses

      In the world of Trump you can lie, cheat and steal, Accomplish your ends whatsoever the means. The Bible is that of the art of  the deal, And  Mammon is God and the state Philistines.  

Donald Trump: A life-threatening toxin in our body politic

    What did we do to deserve to be cursed With a president who is the worst of the worst? He was duly elected But now us has infected With a pernicious boil that Bob Mueller must burst.    

Jared Kushner: A loan in the White House

“Early last year, a private equity billionaire started paying regular visits to the White House.Joshua Harris, a founder of Apollo Global Management, was advising Trump administration officials on infrastructure policy. During that period, he met on multiple occasions with Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, said three people familiar with the meetings. Among... Read more »

Trump capped his visit to hurricane-hit Texas without shedding a tear

“‘Thank you, everybody,’ the president said, sporting one of the white ‘USA’ caps that are being sold on his campaign website for $40. ‘I just want to say: We love you. You are special. . . . What a crowd. What a turnout.'”  []     After one of the greatest of natural mishaps, In Texas Trump... Read more »

A President for profit

  “On Monday, the Trump Organization announced plans for a new three-star hotel chain with a patriotic flair, echoing President Trump’s campaign slogan about putting America first and reflecting the organization’s promise to enter into new deals only in the United States. The intention is to differentiate the chain, called American Idea, by featuring artifacts... Read more »

Mr. Comey, admit it. Your choice was political.

There are those who praise Comey’s sincerity; But his actions lacked balance and clarity. It’s a hoot and a joke That in her case he spoke, But in Trump’s case he lacked the temerity.

On weekends Trump mixes business [his and ours] with pleasure

    Trump’s weekends are rather expensive; The logistics for them quite intensive. Does he work or have fun Under Florida sun? Either case should make us apprehensive.            

Senate is poised to confirm EPA scourge

  “In 2014, for instance, Pruitt sued to block the EPA’s Regional Haze Rule. The rule is built on a 15-year-old program meant to ensure that air around national parks is especially clear. Pruitt lost his case.”  []   For the EPA Trump’s nominee is Scott Pruitt Who as Sooner A.G. did oppose it and... Read more »

Trump will bring a climate change: Lots of stormy weather

  Tillerson? Sessions? Flynn? Bannon?  It’s plain Fundamentally we will experience pain. How can Putin but grin After Trump’s sworn in As dark clouds overshadow his reign.

Come on Trump. What's Putin got on you?

  Trump still won’t admit Putin’s hacking. His trust in the CIA’s lacking. Or does Russia possess What would cause him distress And explain why he does Putin’s flacking?