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Wilber Ross protests his ignorance of Saudi Arabia

  “Though Ross was photographed nodding off during Trump’s speech in Riyadh, the commerce secretary was all bubbly about the presidential visit to the Middle Eastern monarchy. ‘[The] thing that was fascinating to me was there was not a single hint of a protester anywhere there during the whole time we were there,’ Ross told... Read more »

Is the Star Wars museum worth fighting for?

  If George Lucas does not get his way He will bid to Chicago “Good day.” He will take all his props And his museum shops Where they’re willing for tchotchkes to pay.  

We don't need an epidemic of Santas

{The following verse came about after I read “Too Many Santas” by ChicagoNow blogger One Bad Mom]   There’re far too many Santa Clauses Shilling  for commercial bosses. The spirit of Christmas is in ourselves And doesn’t depend on roundabout elves.

Let's say no to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Mr. President

  Memo to the President: I don’t accept your argument On the trade deal TPP. I haven’t read it, but who has? I hear it ain’t good for  the Middle Class Or for our sovereignty. It gives multinational corporations The rights and privileges of real nations. A dangerous precedent if you ask me. So why ... Read more »

Lent: Is there any profit in it?

  Author’s Note: The following verse was inspired by “Are you tired of Lent? by ChicagoNow blogger Pam Spano.   Are you sick of the season of Lent? When you must sacrifice and repent? You  can’t wait till Easter To act like a feaster? Then you’re part of the top one percent.

Carol of the Bills

  Fa la la la la, la la la la I’ve bought all the presents For family and friend. There’s a hole in my budget I’ll have to amend. I enjoy  the good cheer, But again apprehend: The best part of Christmas? It comes to an end. Fa la la la la, la la la... Read more »

Ethics in a Nutshell for a Short-Attention-Span Age

  [From a BBC website: Deontology teaches that some acts are right or wrong in themselves, whatever the consequences.] How would one act if he (or she)  knew sure What were to happen in the future?

"This Place Is a Zoo"---A Libelous Misnomer

Note: I am indebted to ChicagoNow blogger Margaret Laing (a.k.a. Margaret Serious) whose post ”This place is a zoo’ is a compliment not an insult” was the genesis of the following verse. Some people who don’t have a clue Might utter “This place is a zoo:” Although  chaos,  there’s more On a  stock exchange floor... Read more »

Why Do We Put Up With All the Huckstering?

  I’m tired of commercial spots, The car ads and the phone ads; I would put down the TV set, But haven’t got the gonads.

Henry Royce: His Car: The Creme de la Creme

Born today was Henry Royce Whose cars still are  deluxe  and choice. Named after him and Charles Rolls, And priced  beyond the reach of proles. 2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom. $543,000. 6.7 liter, V12, 453 Horsepower. Mpg=11 (city) 19 (country).