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Prickly City: Carmen and Winslow Will Be Better Off With Obamacare. Wait and See.

  I came upon the comic strip above—Prickly City— in this morning’s Tribune.  It’s clever, no doubt.  And I like  its satirical edge.  Packs a punch. Of course,  its main target is the Affordable Care Act.   But it manages to incorporate some sharp thrusts at  the overreach of drones and the pandemic snooping of the... Read more »

Jules Feiffer: Avant-garde Cartoonist

Born today was  Jules Fieffer His angst is rife, but his anger rifer. His comics are equal opportunity satire. On what we are driven he shows us the flat tire.

Charles Addams: His Ghoul Was To Make Us Laugh

Born today was Charles Addams, Conceived an odd  family for the New Yawker. I relish the mirth  in  his  murderous madams— Which makes me a kind  of  accessory gawker.

Al Capp: Comic Genius with a Dark Side

Today’s birthday? Al Capp’s. You may have heard of him perhaps. He drew Li’l Abner who lived at his Pap’s With Daisy Mae Scragg, his marital match, And Sadie Hawkins who was looking for a catch, And the dark -clouded Btfsplk in Li’l Dogpatch. “Although the dark side wasn’t their primary focus—Schumacher and Kitchen were adamant about... Read more »

Limbaugh Taking Bane For Bain

That Right-Wing windbag, Rush Limbaugh, is at it again.  The target of Limbaugh’s most recent miasmic eruption of anti-Liberal bile is none other than “The Dark Knight Rises”,  the final  installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman cinematic trilogy. It seems, according to Rush (to judgemnt) Limbaugh that the villain’s name—Bane— is a coincidental (and uncomfortable)  homonym of  Bain (surname: Capital),  Romney’s... Read more »

Earl, It's Not An Infinity Pool.

One of my matutinal rituals is reading the funny pages after breakfast.   This morning  several of my favorites have scientific subtexts.   There’s an off-the-wall look at the origins of heliocentrism in ‘The Argyle Sweater’.  It seems Copernicus wanted to make his father eat his words: “I said I’ll play catch later! The solar system doesn’t... Read more »

If the Shoe Fits...

The world is divided Between wired and wireless. In  my name I’ve confided To which I aspire less.

I Demand a Recount for Barney & Clyde

I loved this strip this morning.  Maybe because  I’m verbally bi-polar.  But what sweet pun-ishment at the breakfast table!  I am, after all,  a paronomasiaphile, a congenital  lover of puns.   Some people, I know, think puns are criminal. The title of this strip (Barney & Clyde) in a sense is—remember those notorious bank robbers?  But is... Read more »