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A Christmas Reckoning in Brief

    One lesson of Christmas that everyone learns. What counts is the gifting and not the returns.

Christmas rapping.

  O!  The money…how shopping I too freely spent it. When I balance my checkbook, I know I’ll repent it. Each Christmas I face it, If I could, I’d replace it, But merchants and businesses would re-invent it.    

On Melania's Christmas selfie

  She’s dressed in red cap, with her lips luscious  candy, Melania’s holiday selfie’s quite randy. The phrase ‘Christmas bells’ Doesn’t mean ‘sexy gals.’ Did the First Lady drink too much brandy?  

Politicizing Christmas: Trump's worst lie

  “A pro-Trump nonprofit says it is spending $1 million to air a new pro-Trump ad that concludes with a little girl saying, “Thank you President Trump for letting us say ‘Merry Christmas’ again!”America First Policies — a group including Trump’s digital and data director Brad Parscale, freshly-indicted former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates, and... Read more »

Christmas Eve at Mar-a-Lago

  On this night before Christmas, the President’s fold In their sleep will  have visions of  dancing bankrolls; When they wake in the morn, they’ll find socks full of gold, With never a thought of our stockings with coals.

The carols I long to hear

  Will you sing the old Christmasy carol? O Come All Ye Faithful and more; They sang of the night sky’s apparel And the choirs of angels galore. They shed light on the manger so clearly; On the sheep open-eyed ’round the hay. So  tender my heart glows sincerely That  there I would traverse and... Read more »

Trump is a Nativist who doesn't understand the Nativity

  “At Thursday night’s annual Christmas tree lighting at the White House, the president recounted the birth of Jesus by saying it ‘begins 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son.'”  []     Besides being what I call a consummate liar, Trump now says that Joseph was Jesus’s sire. But the seed... Read more »

It's a Wonderful Life without Trump

  Christmas movies, they claim, that are sappy Will uplift you and make your heart happy. So watch Stewart as  Bailey And you won’t feel so wailey Thinking what Trump may do that is crappy.