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Come on Trump. What's Putin got on you?

  Trump still won’t admit Putin’s hacking. His trust in the CIA’s lacking. Or does Russia possess What would cause him distress And explain why he does Putin’s flacking?

Trump's swamp pledge goes down the drain

  Corrupt politicians and lobbyists romp In our national capital that Trump calls a  swamp. “I promise to drain it” he often has vowed. But it seems that  he merely will add to its crowd.

Trump chooses to dine in order to get Slim

    “Carlos Slim got a “very positive” impression from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump about ties with Mexico after the two met for dinner on Saturday in Florida, a spokesman for the Mexican telecoms billionaire said on Monday.”  []   Trump decides to break bread with a Mexican billionaire. I wonder if a taco bowl... Read more »

Trump's Department heads foreshadow his policies

  In his cabinet Trump has these crony recruits: Generals, billionaires, Goldman Sachs suits. It appears on our soil He’ll be drilling for oil And on other grounds putting our boots.

Jared Kushner, Middle-East Peacemaker? Don't hold your breath.

  So Jared will meet with Israelis and foes And all will be peaches and cream, I suppose. Just like his wife’s dad, He’s as sharp as a brad And knows how to count on his fingers and toes.

The first presidential debate exposes the real Trump. Again.

  Trump gained  from the great housing  bubble. Redlining  his buildings,  he got into trouble. And  he calls it an art When he deals without heart. But it’s clear that his dealing is double.

Starbuck's Howard Schultz likes Hillary a latte

  “Schultz is one of the country’s most politically outspoken chief executives, but until now he had not taken sides in the 2016 race between Democrat Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. ‘I think it’s obvious Hillary Clinton needs to be the next president,’ Schultz told Poppy Harlow at the first-ever CNNMoney American Opportunity conference... Read more »

Is the Star Wars museum worth fighting for?

  If George Lucas does not get his way He will bid to Chicago “Good day.” He will take all his props And his museum shops Where they’re willing for tchotchkes to pay.  

Does Trump aspire to be Il Duce?

  “The Republican front-runner on Sunday retweeted a posting from “@ilduce2016,” a parody account that portrays Trump as Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The message: ‘t is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.'”   Trump likes to boast that he is shrewd; That acumen’s his genie. But then belies... Read more »

Marco Rubio: New kid on the Establisment block? Who's he kidding?

  “A detailed review of their relationship shows that Mr. Braman, 82, has left few corners of Mr. Rubio’s world untouched. He hired Mr. Rubio, then a Senate candidate, as a lawyer; employed his wife to advise the Braman family’s philanthropic foundation; helped cover the cost of Mr. Rubio’s salary as an instructor at a... Read more »