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Henry Wallace Could Have Been Speaking of the Koch Brothers

Many Americans have never  heard of Henry Wallace.  But he deserves to be remembered.  He was like Jefferson in that he respected the agrarian way of life and had faith in the power and destiny of the common man. He was Secretary of Agriculture in the  darkest days of the Great  Depression. Few at the... Read more »

Henry Royce: His Car: The Creme de la Creme

Born today was Henry Royce Whose cars still are  deluxe  and choice. Named after him and Charles Rolls, And priced  beyond the reach of proles. 2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom. $543,000. 6.7 liter, V12, 453 Horsepower. Mpg=11 (city) 19 (country).

Alexander Graham Bell: What Would He Say About the Selfie?

Born today was Mr. Bell, Invented the phone, as  all know so  well. He couldn’t  foresee it , for better or worse: Contemporary clones some consider a curse.

Howard Hughes: A Classic Case Study: Money Can't Buy Happiness

Born today was Howard Hughes. As an aviator we’ll give  him his dues. He amassed a fortune on this globe But died a pitiable  mysophobe.*   *An irrational fear of germs. The above artist conception of Hughes in his last days is based on eyewitness accounts. There are no actual photos of him after 1956.... Read more »

Bill Gates: Uses His Money to Buy Happiness for Others

  Today’s the birthday of Bill Gates, Not  one of Dame Fortune’s ingrates. A humanitarian with a Microsoft heart* He’s  raised his philanthropy into an art. *Gates  has given over $36 billion to various causes and charities. He has even  pledged with fellow Forbes Richest 400  Warren Buffett and  Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook CEO , to donate half their... Read more »