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Weathering the National Pastime

  Baseball’s in swing, And the pitcher’s delivering. While the fans bring Winter coats to stop shivering.

On opening day at Cubs park

  I will go to the Cubs game like many will do And sit in a seat that will have a good view. If they show on the cam Where exactly I am, My dear, rest assured, I’ll be cheering for Yu.

For the victorious Cubs, great expectations loom

  Their championship rings in our heads, giddy, spinning. How easy it is to get used to the winning. After parading, and boasting, and boozing, We wait until next year, and won’t accept losing.

The lowly Bears now languish in what used to be the Cubby hole

  A question I pose is who cares In the least about Chicago’s  Bears? Do these gridiron wrecks Deserve getting their checks While the foisted upon fan now  despairs?

On the Cubs, there's no reason to curse.

  The Cubs against the Dodgers? For the record I’ll be terse. Despite what say old codgers, I reiterate, What curse?  

Perfect game on tap for Arrieta?

  Tonight  Arrieta skewers The Milwaukee Brewers. Adding to his illustrious fame With a perfect game?

The invincible Jake Arrieta: Is he baseball's greatest pitcher... ever?

  His foes are the fodder For  farce-operetta. No pitcher is hotter Than Jake Arrieta.

In the Cubs camp, silence is golden

  The Cub fans see glory this Spring. With anticipation simmering. March may be the time For a” loquacious” mime By  October ’twill be deafening.            

Thoughts on the Adam LaRoche fiasco

  We hope every time that the truth will prevail. At issue is why the LaRoche talks did fail. Was Williams off base How he handled the case? Will the team in the end be for Sale?  

Joe Maddon is not high on banning chewing tobacco

  “Just eradicate tobacco, period, if you’re going to go that route. I’m not into over-legislating the human race. I’ll just have to listen and learn. If somebody else is going to make up his mind for me, I’m going to have a hard time with that. So that’s where I draw the line, but... Read more »