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The George Lucas "Mistake on the Lake"

  [I wrote the following verse after reading “The homely Lucas Museum, a vanity project, must not be built” in Joey Korom’s blog ‘Chicago Architecture Journal’]   Some people don’t fancy Star Wars on the Lake, The Lucas Museum that is on the make. A gelatinous blob Where the fans would hobnob For Han Solo’s... Read more »

The Pigeons Of Wayne County: A Restraining Order

News item: “Wayne County in Ohio is planning to spike bird seed with birth control in hopes of keeping pigeons from despoiling the renovated exterior of its 19th century courthouse. A county commissioner says there are plans to put birth control chemicals specific to pigeons in bird seed to help control the population:” In... Read more »

Donald Trump Brands His Building. Whose Fault Is It?

Who would have thunk it?  Scores of otherwise prim and proper people have risen in revolt against a mere 5-letter word. TRUMP! It all has to do with the Donald’s mostly acclaimed Downtown skyscraper: Trump International Hotel and Tower. You might be telling yourself, “Great, just what we need, more hype  from His Highness of... Read more »

Michelangelo Buonarroti: "The Divine One"

Today’s birthday is Michelangelo’s. In art nonpareil every connoisseur knows. Aren’t we fortunate Julius had ‘im Paint the primeval creation of Adam? “Michelangelo had a particular love and reverence for the naked male body, and saw it as God’s finest creation—something purely splendid in itself and yet inadequate and incomplete without being matched by an... Read more »

Pete Dye: The Genius of Fairways, Of Course

Today’s the birthday of Pete Dye. Designed many courses where  pro golfers vie. Aesthetically pleasing they are to the eye, Where duffers and golf balls can  mutually lie.   [Pete Dye’s course at French Lick Resort in Indiana]   Top Pete Dye Course You Can Play Whistling Straits (Wisconsin) The site of the 2004 and... Read more »

Gustave Eiffel: His Name Is Synonymous With Paris

Born today was Gustave Eiffel. Those unfamiliar with his life’ll Know him at this present hour Eponymously for a tower.   In Trivial Pursuit of the Eiffel Tower: 1. It is 1063 feet (324 meters) tall. 2. It is lit with 5 billion lights. 3. It is made of wrought iron. 4. In the sun, it grows... Read more »