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A Trump in a poke?

“5 Reasons Everyone Should Stop Calling Donald Trump a Pig”  [Laura Goldman at] Our president with orange wig Is very often called a pig. But this is callous and purblind And  in its essence so unkind. So let me straighten out this matter: This is an insult to the latter.    

Granddad, I hardly knew ye

    “The longest-living fish in a zoological setting, a lungfish known as Granddad acquired by the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago in 1933, has been euthanised after suffering failing health well in his mid-90s.”  []   The marlin, the tuna, the trout, or sea bass; May be  popular choices among fish. Or one might prefer... Read more »

Canine Epistemology (Thanks, Steve Dale for the idea)

  How much do our dogs know? The calm ones and the violent. They probably know too much. That’s why I’d keep them silent.

Would you have a reptile for a pet?

  [Note: I stole the rhythmic first line from ChicagoNow blogger Steve Dale who this morning  posted “Be careful when buying reptiles” . Otherwise, I go in a completely different direction.]   Be careful when buying reptiles For they have the most cryptic of smiles You may  think that you wanna Bring home an  iguana,... Read more »

Why I'd rather go to the zoo

“A Perth man has been attacked by a lion, just one day after arriving in South Africa on holiday. A PERTH man has been attacked by a lion, just one day after arriving in South Africa on holiday. The man was driving through a safari park when the lion reportedly jumped through the window and... Read more »

The elephant escapes the circus, but still is endangered

  Behold the noble elephant So gentle and intelligent. The  circuses vow not to  use them, Which has been one way to abuse them. That said,  all  efforts must be made To ban the senseless ivory trade.  

A Wisconsin Mayor Gets an Earful from the Groundhog

  The mayor of the small Wisconsin town of Sun Prairie  yesterday,  on Groundhog Day,  was  unceremoniously bitten on the ear  by the very  creature being celebrated.  He was taken totally by surprise.  Before he was taken for medical attention.  Mayor Jonathan Freund could have avoided this embarrassingly  uncivil demonstration if he had only read... Read more »

The Pigeons Of Wayne County: A Restraining Order

News item: “Wayne County in Ohio is planning to spike bird seed with birth control in hopes of keeping pigeons from despoiling the renovated exterior of its 19th century courthouse. A county commissioner says there are plans to put birth control chemicals specific to pigeons in bird seed to help control the population:” In... Read more »

Chicago Bearbaiting: Taking Offense

  From Today’s Chicago Tribune Sports “Last Row” : “Maybe it’s a real feud or it could all be one big inside joke, but Bears teammates Martellus Bennett and Kyle Long exchanged what seemed like harsh words over Twitter on Tuesday. What ever it is, it apparently kicked off when Long, a guard , found... Read more »

"This Place Is a Zoo"---A Libelous Misnomer

Note: I am indebted to ChicagoNow blogger Margaret Laing (a.k.a. Margaret Serious) whose post ”This place is a zoo’ is a compliment not an insult” was the genesis of the following verse. Some people who don’t have a clue Might utter “This place is a zoo:” Although  chaos,  there’s more On a  stock exchange floor... Read more »