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Trump's batsh_t analysis of the Midterm results

  I’m calling the Midterms a victory complete. Who didn’t embrace me has suffered defeat. The Dems are much weaker With Pelosi the Speaker, And my base still likes me whatever I tweet!

The enema for Trump and his ilk is simple: Vote!

  Those days of Obama and Biden, I’ve ,missed ’em. Vote  and rid bigotry out of our system!

Trump throws his intelligence chiefs under the bus

  “’So President Obama knew about Russia before the Election,’ Trump tweeted. ‘Why didn’t he do something about it? Why didn’t he tell our campaign? Because it is all a big hoax, that’s why, and he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win!!!'”               []   The Director of National Intelligence Coats Claims that Russia is... Read more »

Saving Speaker Ryan

  There is talk about Ryan not running; For his seat is a Democrat gunning. On his fate, perhaps Paul May reflect on it all And decide he would rather be sunning.

The specter of a landslide in November palls the Republican future

  One thing that is certain from cradle to grave Whom the Fates do a number on nothing can save. The midterms are coming Will kismet be drumming The GOP out with a blue tidal wave?

How to break the GOP's monolithic ideological stranglehold on democracy

  They suppress the vote and gerrymander. So the battle’s uphill; thus, in candor, We must admit if we’re to beat them, We absolutely must unseat them.