Putin's Pecs Don't Make Him Impeccable

“Russia’s Vladimir Putin took a swipe at Western leaders who mocked his bare-chested horse-riding, saying that they would look ‘disgusting’ in the buff.” New York Post

Putin likes to bare his sculpted chest

And brag of it as well.

But muscles don’t get you to heaven

Or keep you out of hell.

World leaders deride 'bare-chested horseman' Putin at G7 summit

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  • You'd have fun with a Scottish cousin of mine, who answered a friend's comment that "We'll see Putin in heaven" by commenting "From a distance."

    Now that's a mystery -- and perhaps a comedy as well.

  • Looking at the linked NY Post article, it was a 2009 picture, so he may have manboobs by now. Also, the NY Post seems to be one of the few news sites still to have a comment board, and a lot of Putin lovers are on it. Nobody posted a CAT scan of his brain, if any.

  • Some recent photos seem to indicate that he is not well.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Several different illnesses seem indicated by the photos, or at least the caption writers. If only we had some way of knowing who might be next in office. It's not like he has a living opponent, except President Zelensky of course.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Yes, I've gotten wind of that. It seems lately, too, he's cracking down even more on those he perceives as his enemies, some whose only offense is tilting toward Western culture.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Newsweek says he has advanced cancer.

    Also, our sick friend Chef Boy RD stuck his foot into it again, this time in "Retired in Chicago."

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