Tucker Carlson: Russian Agent, Aspiring Traitor

Tucker Carlson gives Putin his comfort and aid

As Ukrainians are bombed and destruction is laid.

His words do abet

So Russians will let

Even babies be killed in the war Putin’s made.

Tucker Carlson Tonight

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  • One would think that after 3 members of a Fox News crew were killed, he would have changed his tune, but he must have investment property in Moscow.

    Even Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video telling it like it is about Ukraine. It seems like Putin is demonstrating the same psychosis others on the alt-right, including the former occupant, did--projection.

  • The last reliable figure I saw on the salary Fox pays Carlson is about $6 million per year. I wondered whether he is also making money from Russia for rebroadcasting his programs on state TV. But I realize Russia may have a hard time getting the rubles to the poor man.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    But the real question is how much money Lachlan Murdoch is making off Carlson. Fox could afford to let the predators go, but not the psychos.

  • In reply to jack:

    That's a good question, Jack. Apparently, the largest percentage of ads on the Anderson show are those of Fox itself. The outside advertisers account for single digits each, one of the largest being My Pillow. So, how long Murdoch will keep the program on the air may depend on how long Fox can keep Mike Lindell happy or how long he can con viewers into buying his overpriced pillows.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    ...or how long Lindell can avoid libel judgments.

    Sources indicate that Carlson [I assume that's who you meant]'s ratings are up, especially among Democrats. Maybe they want to know what they are criticizing.

  • In reply to jack:

    Sorry. It is Carlson. Those Scandanavian patronymic names tend to run together in my mind.

  • Brilliantly done, AW---

    Great comments, Jack and jnorto---

    Thank you!

  • I echo Weather Girl's thanks for the post and comments alike. I don't watch Tucker Carlson, apart from the occasional clip on YouTube to find something egregiously bad he's said, so I appreciate extra explanations about him.

  • S.E. Cupp has a whole litany of domestic Putin propagandists. Also, an ambiguity in the paragraph describing Dalton Ga's favorite whacko.

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