Raymond Teller: Magical Mime

Born today was Raymond Teller.

Magician, illusionist, silent feller.

Comic foil of straight man Penn.

Slapstick is his regimen.

Teller (@MrTeller) / Twitter

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  • 1. I didn't know he had a first name.
    2. I didn't really get the point of whether Penn and Teller were fooled on "Fool Us," but the point of their act was that while there wasn't any magic in magic, they performed their tricks so skillfully that no one could tell, and Teller had that Charlie Chaplain aura.

  • Thanks. I have trouble keeping the two straight.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Penn is the tall guy with the big mouth, and Teller is the little guy without.

    An interesting, if dated Bravo profile is here.

  • Cheers, AW! I've always enjoyed these guys. Like Jack, I did not know he had a first name. Thank you!

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