Recovering After a Snow Storm

I look out the window and see piles of snow

Days after surgery, outside I can’t go.

Orders from the doc

Are written in rock:

Rest will heal. And God will run the show.


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  • Yes! Take care, AW. I wish you a speedy recovery, and good neighbors to shovel the snow.

  • Thank God for good neighbors, and for my sons and grandsons, too.
    And to you for your kind thoughts.

  • Hope you get better.

    This might be more WG territory, but usually lake effect is to the south. That's what was originally predicted, but yesterday afternoon the plume changed from about Waukegan to your area.

  • In reply to jack:

    Cheers, Jack! Yes, according to NWS Chicago, there was "widely variable snow bands," in time for the morning commute. The snow moved more south, but another round is possible this afternoon.

    Meanwhile, on the East Coast.....

  • Yipe! Sorry you're under the weather -- that's low these days!

    I hope you'll recover soon and completely. Be cozy in the meantime, and allow extra travel time between comfy chairs.

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