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King Gillette: A Cut Above the Rest

Born today was King Gillette. To whom the hirsute are in debt. For he ingeniously made The first inexpensive, disposable blade.

Jacob Grimm: His Fairy Tales Have Made Us Young at Heart

Born today was Jacob Grimm. Immortal tales were collected by him.* Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood. Wherein Evil succeeds till conquered by Good. *with his brother Wilhelm

Lucretia Mott: Feminist Firebrand

Born today: Lucretia Mott. Feminist, orator, abolitionist. Let what she did be not forgot. Though a line’s not enough for such a long list.* To wit: One of the early leaders of the women’s rights movementOne of the founders of the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery SocietyCo-wrote the Declaration of Sentiments in 1848 for the First Women’s... Read more »

Betsy Ross: Legendary Seamstress

Today’s the birthday of Betsy Ross. On her eternal honor’s been bestowed For the flag of stripes, red/white across And 13 stars on a field of blue she sewed.* *despite no historical evidence of it.