My Reaction to Gordon Ramsey's Straight Up Dawg

If I desecrated a hot dog

By putting on ketchup

I might only precipitate

An unpleasant retch-up.

“The menu includes what Ramsay is calling the Straight Up Dawg (has the man never heard of Superdawg inventor Maury Berman?) and is dressing his foot-long hot dog with pickles, onions, mustard … and … ketchup! There is another hot dog offering, but so what?”

Mark Andel, “Hot Dog Diaries”

lick my wiener

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  • I don't like ketchup on much of anything, even fries. (I grew up in the suburbs.)

  • Sun-Times goes into a little more depth on this. There is a picture of one, and he says isn't smothered in either mustard or ketchup. Basically I wouldn't buy a hot dog at a burger place (or vice versa), nor pay $13 for one. IMO, the issue with a hot dog is the quality of the sausage (i miss Best's Kosher), as you can tell anyone (except Gordon) what toppings to put on it.

  • Really!

    If Chicago is going to avoid becoming just another fly-over generic Midwestern town, certain core beliefs and practices must be protected. And what belief is more core than that ketchup does not belong on a Chicago hot dog?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    True, but I just saw a news story about Buona Vegan Italian Beef.

  • In reply to jack:

    More heresy!

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