King Gillette: A Cut Above the Rest

Born today was King Gillette.

To whom the hirsute are in debt.

For he ingeniously made

The first inexpensive, disposable blade.

King Gillette's safety razor with replaceable blade, 1905, Stock Photo,  Picture And Rights Managed Image. Pic. HEZ-1151897 | agefotostock

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  • The intent wasn't to make them inexpensive. Under the razor blade model the handles were cheap but the company cleaned up on the blades. Kodak also had the same theory on cameras and film, and now it is bankrupt. Gillette blades now have to be the most expensive.

  • Thank you. I'm going to assume that's a "before" picture of Mr. Gillette.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Most pictures on Google Images have only a mustache, but I doubt that the blade would have removed the beard.

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