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Getting a Rise Out of Inflation

In Paris, food costs are rising, even for the humble baguette TRIBUNE HEADLINE Nothing causes more vexation Than an increase in inflation. Take the change that isn’t chump To fill your gas tank at the pump. Or the markups at the grocery. Well, we don’t like it. No, Sirree! We’re not alone. In Paris, I... Read more »

Happy 81st Birthday, Dr. Fauci

Born today was Dr. Fauci, Famed epidemiologist. Viruses get very grouchy When they find he does exist.

Reflections on the Winter Solstice

This Winter Solstice I’ll think of the Druids, Those Celtic priests with magical fluids. They were poets as well, and astronomers who Built Stonehenge to see the Sun peek thru. To celebrate the yuletide, it’d seem, They passed on to us a seasonal meme: The mistletoe. Cut from the holy oak. So blessings on these... Read more »

I Can't Help Being Positive. It's in My Blood.

I once thought my blood type was O But that’s not what the last test did show. It is B Positive So like that, in a jiff, I’ve a motto to go with the flow.

Happy 251st Birthday, Maestro Beethoven

Born today Ludwig Beethoven With passion and power his symphonies were woven. The joyful Ninth, the spirited Third. The Fifth’s dun-dun-dun-dunn I’m sure you’ve heard.

A Side of Asparagus You Wouldn't Expect: A Poem for Mature Audiences

Long ago a man erotically bent While cuddling in the sack Might realize with best intent Performance did he lack. He may have wondered if heaven sent And prayed to get on track; Or not devout, he simply went To see the local quack, Or apothecary. To augment Enough to make a comeback, He bought—perhaps... Read more »