Ted Cruz or Big Bird: Let the children vote.

Big Bird’s beloved on Sesame Street .

He’s someone the children are happy to greet.

If they had to choose

‘Tween him and Ted Cruz,

The latter, an ogre, would take a back seat.

Big Bird and the Big Baby | The Seattle Times

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  • Wonderful post, AW! Yes, Big Bird is very brave to get the vaccine, too.

  • My vote is for Grover. He's the only Sesame Street Muppet who was gainfully employed.

    BTW, I thought you could repeat your post "Bannon indicted/Delighted" but searching provides evidence that this platform is losing posts and comments.

  • And now Mr. T has just gotten his 3rd Moderna shot! Yes, I too feel grateful and blessed.

    I pity Tom Cruz! People hate him even more than the Former Guy

  • The rich thing about the cartoon is that Ted Cruz is trying to order Big Bird and the kids to say "government propaganda." In fact few Republicans have been more active than Cruz in spreading propaganda. What bothers him is that since January 20 it has not been "government" propaganda.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    That's a great point, jnorto. I was more of a Mister Rogers kid myself, but seeing propaganda on Sesame Street seems too much of a stretch for me.

  • Rethinking or overthinking about the headline, the children don't get a vote, as an adult has to sign the authorization.

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