Marjorie Taylor Greene, Unmasked

“Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who apologized earlier this year for comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust, ripped ‘vaccine Nazis’ on Tuesday while saying she’s not vaccinated. ‘They’re ruining our country, these vaccine Nazis,’ Greene complained in an interview with Steve Bannon’s podcast.”

To Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene stated

That she has not been vaccinated.

Calling them “Nazis”, she ‘ripped’ mandating feds.

Of course, she’s hallucinating; it’s time for her meds.

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  • As I said before, she thinks she can get into the Dalton (Ga) Holocaust Museum. These folks are more nuts than the Orange Carbuncle, who got vaccinated.

    The real question for Merrick Garland: Why isn't the second person mentioned not in the Metropolitan Correctional Center?

  • Here's more evidence that it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove any doubt. Thank you.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    However, I don't think Dalton Ga (or anyplace else) has elected a mute congressperson. It isn't indicated that Marcel Marceau was ever elected to parliament, although his mime skills were essential in the French Resistance.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Not to mention that unlike the pretender mentioned in the post, Marcel's family was actually a victim of Nazi persecution.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    I think you are generally right, Margaret, but in this case Greene's Georgia congressional district seems to have gotten exactly what they were hoping for--a loud voice of unreason. At a certain point in any democracy, citizens must accept their responsibility for the words of those who, either through their vote or their failure to vote, represent them.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    i don't know about that, with such things as gerrymandering* (although it is hard to gerrymander her district in the NW corner of the state). For instance, a Congressman from the Ind. 1st was pushing free trade when industries there were closing, the most blatant example being bragging about getting Japanese cars for the South Shore after doing absolutely nothing to save the Pullman Standard plant in his district, but a heart attack soon got him. But I'm sure the smokers outside the Waffle House off exit 333 aren't plotting to oust Marge.

    *Around here, the IL 10th was supposed to include Niles, but instead includes part of McHenry County, to make it easier for Lauren Underwood, but somehow Marie Newman was thrown in with another Democrat.

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