Don't Let a Cross Word Get You Down: An Entertainment

To begin with, I’m a cruciverbalist. That is, I solve crossword puzzles. Or at least try to. But more importantly, I find them entertaining. And very informative at times. So I’ve decided to share some of their nuggets of aha moments in the form of a quiz incorporating clues I’ve found especially, well, entertaining and informative.

The quiz works this way. I first give you the clue. After which the number of blanks to be filled in with your answer. Because you won’t have the benefit of other answers to help you, I provide one or more letters in the answer depending on its length.

Have fun. And perhaps learn a new word or interesting fact. These are among the pleasures of taking a crossword puzzle head on.

By the way my sources are the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times.

The answers follow at the end of my post.

  1. Ones unlikely to enjoy the land of milk and honey: ___ ___ G ___ ___ ___

2. Went down a slippery slope: __ K __ __ __

3. Literally, “one who is sent off”: __ P __ __ T __ __

4. Adornments sometimes made with kukui nuts: __ E __ __

5 Took inventory? __ O O __ __ __

6 Server with a blush: __ __ M M __ __ __ __ R

7 Drawing of the body without its skin, from the French: E__ __R__ H ___

8. Bucatini, for one: __ __ S __ __

9. “Losing some illusions…perhaps to acquire others,” per Virginia Woolf: G __ O __ __ N __ U __

10. Go from E to F: __ U __ __ U __


Emergency, Exit, Green, White, Direction
  1. vegans 2. skied 3. apostle 4. leis 5. looted 6. sommelier 7. ecorche 8. pasta 9. growing up 10. fuel up

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  • Thank you, AW, that was challenging and fun.
    But what is the answer to Number 1?

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Answers are above. However, the direction it seemed to go was anti-Israelis.

    Most of these rely on indirection. For instance, you get to the answer vegan by realizing that vegans don't eat animal products such as milk and honey.

    Jeopardy! works similarly. Here;s the one from Thursday that nobody got that should be obvious to everyone here:
    CATEGORY: State that...
    ...has Ronald Reagan's birthplace and Ray Kroc's first McDonald's franchise.

  • In reply to jack:

    Oh, now I get it. Thank you, Jack!

  • Thank you for good exercise to prove that I'm not quite ready to stay up any later. Dad and I used to do crosswords over the phone, and it worked best when each of us had half of the puzzle. Thanks also for the memory.

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