Curses!!! Biden has a potty mouth.

So Biden occasionally drops an f-bomb

And shocks your daughter, your wife, and your mom.

Well, he has company among his peers

Whose language sometimes burned the ears.

When Jackson died, they say his parrot

Swore so much folks couldn’t bear it.

Lincoln’s stories were laced with vulgarity

Whose only effect was to heighten hilarity.

Harry Truman had a itch

For using the expletive ‘son of a b_tch.’

Kennedy swore and Ike did too.

The latter only when out of view.

Reagan elided profanity in his diary:

He once wrote ‘H__L ‘ when he got ire-y.

Both Bushes employed words of four letters.

The same kind of words that came out of their betters.

Lyndon Johnson spewed them with volcanic thrust.

Let Biden alone. His predecessors cussed!

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  • Wonderful post, AW! I like how you don't even mention The Former Guy whose every word was a lie or a profanity.
    Remember in the debates last year when he was going on and on and Joe got so exasperated, and said "Will you shut up, man." Thank you, Joe Biden! Thank you, AW.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thanks, WG.

    I omitted him lest
    I'd dishonor the rest.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:


  • I'll have some Effen vodka.

  • In reply to jack:

    "Reply" clicked too fast. But I was going to refer to the Orange Dr. Demento who said "Grab ’em by the pussy.”

  • Joe Biden can curse in a demented haze
    And we are called to remember bad old days
    I hope that when the history books are written
    We can all know that the crowd wasn't chanting about a guy named Brandon.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I see that a demented person keeps repeating that the President is demented with no evidence to support it. Also, who's Brandon? My physical trainer? The combination of references leads to the irrefutable conclusion that you support , and also in apparent endorsement of the Orange Psychotic.

  • Considering what Joe Biden has had to go through, both in the past and in the current dissention within the Democratic Party, I would wonder about him if he did not curse on occasion.

  • As I understand it, "Let's Go Brandon" is what a sports reporter said the crowd was chanting while he interviewed a race car driver named Brandon after a race. It was actually something not complimenting the present president, and the reporter either made a mistake or referred to it sideways. I used to hear Blackhawks play-by-play announcers mention a crude chant about Detroit during games in a similar sideways style. Sometimes it was "Oh, now they're referring to Detroit's possession time again" (because the phrase rhymed with pucks).

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