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Ana Navarro turns the tables on fathead Donald Trump Jr.

When Donald Jr. tweeted fat-shame To Ana Navarro, He may have just regretted it To his sorrow. For Ana promptly tweeted back Smart-aleck lad, Concerned about obesity ? Then call your Dad. Ana Navarro-Cárdenas@ananavarro@DonaldJTrumpJr, thanks for your concern. I don’t have COVID. Fortunately for you, if you want to have a conversation about the effects... Read more »

If you want the naked truth, I don't want to see you naked.

2021 Met Gala Delivered SO MANY Naked Dress Moments (Cosmopolitan Magazine headline) I’m certain of one thing. I am not a prude. I’ll try to be tasteful and not at all crude. But why is it fine To show proudly on-line All the people on Earth you are partially nude. Emily Blunt at the 2021Met... Read more »

The "Curious Incident" in the Night Sky That Would Delight Sherlock Holmes

Have you ever thought a cloud was a face? Astronomers do the same in outer space. An odd but familiar-shaped asteroid Racing on its round-trip through the void Has been given a nickname of its own That real canis majors would love: Dog Bone. These 11 images show the asteroid Kleopatra, viewed at different angles... Read more »

Trump in Florida: The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same

“The spray tan is gone, and the suntan is on. The bleached highlights are out, and the gray is growing in. Some of former President Donald Trump’s extra weight is off too, thanks to better eating habits and a near-religious regimen of daily golf in the Florida sunshine. “He has lost 15 pounds since he... Read more »