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Is it time for a new Chicago song? Measure this.

Some say Chicago needs a new song. I can’t say whether they’re right or wrong But I’ll never be sold On rejecting the old Just because a new one comes along.

How I stay cool on these sweltering days

Many go to the beach when it’s humid and hot; A few still cool off with a fan. There are others who seek out the shadiest spot Along with a frigid beer can. I’ve tried all of these and they offer relief. But what’s best I’ll explain with a precis. To really avoid all the... Read more »

Pluto, I hardly knew ye. Hurroo, Hurroo

On this day in 2006 Astronomers elimin8ed A planet from the mix. When they demarc8ed Pluto A pseudo.

A Familiar Newscast Segue and a Very, Very, Very, Very Short Verse

“And now for something much lighter.” HYDROGEN.

Thoughts on Left-handedness

“Sinister” and “gauche” in the past one was branded Merely because of being left-handed. Ignorance was the source Of this nonsense, of course. And still rears its ugly head, to be candid.

Bird Watching 101

Yesterday in the garden, I saw a goldfinch. I stood stock-still for fear he would flinch And fly away. For a few moments I was able to feast on it: Dazzling in a yellow suit with black beret bonnet. It made my day.

On Milkweed: A Layman's Take (with apologies to Margaret Serious)

Asclepias is the genus of milkweed Of which the best-known is the Common. The Butterfly Weed is a member, indeed. And that’s all I got on this, Amen! The Common Milkweed The Butterfly Weed

Mel Tillis: Overcame Adversity and Entered the Pantheon of Country Music.

Born today: country singer, Mel Tillis, Was famous once and to many still is. Malaria made him stutter, as well. Among his songs “Who’s Julie” and “M-M-Mel”.

Why Is Trump's Hatchet Man Postmaster General DeJoy Still on the Job?

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Thinks the USPS something he should destroy. It’s time to divorce This Trump Trojan Horse And the President find someone else to employ.

Representative Kevin McCarthy's threat to harm Pelosi is no laughing matter

“California Assault and Battery Laws. Assault in California is an intentional attempt to physically injure another, or a menacing or threatening act or statement that causes the other person to believe they are about to be attacked. This crime doesn’t involve actual physical contact.” McCarthy says he’d like to hit Pelosi on the head. Her... Read more »