Trump may soon face an adversary more formidable than either McGregor or Poirier

Trump is expected in Vegas tonight.

He’ll sit Octagon-side and have the best sight.

But won’t be a spectator

Embattled, much later

If the Manhattan D.A. decides to indict.

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  • Maybe he will help the Manhattan D.A. by making more self-incriminating statements, as he did in Florida last week.

  • However, it won't be that easy. Someone just told me that the rich beat most raps. Then the DA has to go through millions of pages of tax returns. So far the DA has only gone after low-lying fruit, whose former daughter-in-law ratted on him.

    This seems to have predated the fight, but it took 3 fights for Poirier to dislocate McGregor's whatever.

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