January 6 has left an indelible wound on our nation's psyche and we need a commission to find the truth and give us closure

“I would like to see January 6th burned into the American mind as firmly as 9/11 because it was that scale of a shock to the system. I think there will be a commission, but it is controversial for that reason.” George Will

Remember the Capitol insurrection

Which aimed to undo the election.

The destruction they wrought there

And the heroes who fought there

Should be seared in our soul’s recollection.

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  • Yes, definitely. Very well put. Innocent people (and parties) do not try to stop investigations.

  • I hope all Republicans will be reminded of this date on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    See my comment below. They seem more concerned with censuring Liz Chaney, and like Greene and the Houston Methodist Hospital staff, claiming to be Holocaust victims (again, see below).

  • Yes! Never forget. And remember those who are against any kind of investigation.

  • After some medical setbacks, I'm getting back to this.

    After I mentioned the ADL to someone named Barnett, and heard a tirade that the ADL is only concerned with white supremacists, I said that ×××××× Barnett better stay away from his cousin Richard. In addition to saying that ×××××× doesn't have a cousin Richard, she said she didn't know who that was. I said Google it, to which the response was that it would turn up no more than Googling Richard [my last name], which was, of course, manifestly untrue. So, either the fascists are playing ostrich, or nothing happened.

    I'm sure the insurrectionists are happy that Putin has their backs.

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