Using a Sic (sic) Day

Inspired by Margaret Serious’s post “Happy National Grammar Day”

When quoting non-fiction or fic,

You may find a grammatical tic.

To show that it’s real

In parentheses seal

It with Latin for ‘so’ which is ‘sic’.

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  • Updating a prior post, it appears that the Sun-Times will use sic after a written error, but still is gonna use gonna when quoting the spoken word.

    I'm getting more ticked with newscasts using present tense, such as "Man died after train collides with car," especially when used after after.

    Finally, this article must beat the record on split infinitives, not that I mind that much.

  • Aw, shucks, you noticed! Well done.

  • I like the limerick, but shouldn't the title be, Using a Sic (sic) Day?

  • Yes. I wish I had thought of that. Now if the new Word Press will let me change it, I will. Thanks, jnorto.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Thanks. Well spotted, jnorto, and well edited, Aquinas wired. (I'm fussing with the new WordPress, too.)

  • Thanks AW and Margaret Serious. Well-done both of you to inspire each other-- And to use the new Word Press--We can do this!

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