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Reflections on an asteroid

NASA Analysis: Earth Is Safe From Asteroid Apophis for 100-Plus Years There was a chance an asteroid, Apophis is its name, Was going to make us paranoid And Earth far from the same. But astrophysicists concur We’re fine at least for now I hope they’re right; I’d much prefer To bid Apophis, “Ciao”.

Was shaking hands ever a good idea?

Before the pandemic I used to shake hands; Assuming it was what a greeting demands. But I’ve shaken no hands in what seems quite a while And won’t miss it at all if it goes out of style.

Animal Slacker

Behold the sloth! A natural contrarian. Upside-down he hangs from trees And yet is not Hungarian.

How to Solve the Border Crisis

The Statue of Liberty’s Golden Door Is the symbol of what we were founded to be. Immigrant-friendly, humane to the core Willing to help those who yearn to breathe free. So now when these values some want to ignore And turn back the masses to whence they did flee, Instead let’s uphold our ideals even... Read more »

Marcus Cicero sheds light on McConnell's Red Herring

You may have heard Senator McConnell on the Senate floor preemptively taking credit for a resurgent economy and a pandemic on its last legs. In his version these were inevitable because of the great work under the previous administration. Biden is just riding the tide that started rolling in prior to January 20, 2021. Here... Read more »

Synchronicity strikes again

Jung at heart: A little background I’ve written a few times about what most of us call ‘coincidences’. Maybe I notice them more than I should. But I do. I won’t remind you now of those I’ve covered here in the past. But let me describe a startling coincidence that happened just yesterday. Early yesterday... Read more »

Using a Sic (sic) Day

Inspired by Margaret Serious’s post “Happy National Grammar Day” When quoting non-fiction or fic, You may find a grammatical tic. To show that it’s real In parentheses seal It with Latin for ‘so’ which is ‘sic’.