Ted Cruz calls his Cancun trip a juvenile decision

Ted Cruz blames daughters for controversial Cancun trip | The Independent



“Well, okay, yes, sure: Ted Cruz did take a little trip to Cancún while his state weathered an unprecedented (and ongoing) crisis. And, okay, yes, his decision to flee with his family as millions of others hunkered down in their dark, freezing homes — as the Texas death toll climbed past 20 people — admittedly does not look great! But please, Ted Cruz is begging you, do not blame him for this dereliction of duty: It was his daughters (ages 10 and 12) who wanted the vacation, and well, what was he going to do — simply say no??”    [thecut.com]


When Texas lost its power and fell into darkness and cold

And in its wake suffered misery untold

Including no water,

Ted Cruz asked his daughter

What should I do? Cancun she said. And he was sold.


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  • C'mon, give the man a break. Is it his fault that he was beguiled by his daughter into taking her to the warm sunshine of Cancun? Besides, fomenting insurrection is hard work and the man needed a rest.

  • A break after a break-in? Maybe in his behalf, we can adopt a new expression to denote a cowardly selfish dereliction of duty: 'taking a Cruz'?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Carnival Cruz would be offended.

    Take that any way you wish.

  • He said he went because the girls were out of school and the power was off. Didn't make the connection that he had any responsibility about those coincidences.

    Texas has gone from electing dyslexics to morons.

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