Unlucky things you shouldn't keep in your house, according to the Reader's Digest

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Hanging in your den, that stag or buck

Might bring you nothing but bad luck.

And sad as the fact is,

So might a cactus,

An outdated calendar, an unmade bed,

A broken clock, a plant that’s dead,

An open umbrella, left by the stair,

And papa’s favorite rocking chair

And last of all  the pigment green.

I’m not superstitious, to be frank.

Except for the color of  money, I mean.

And you can take that to the bank.



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  • "a plant that's dead." Preventing that is almost an impossibility.
    "An open umbrella, left by the stair" My late neighbor left a couple, and a dummy condo contractor left a smoke alarm there, and it was difficult to determine if the old or new one was sending the dead battery alert. I took one of the umbrellas for my trouble.
    "And last of all the pigment green." It seems like many of the backdrops in televised at home interviews are bookcases so painted. I prefer natural wood.

  • I think there are good reasons for getting rid of all of these things (I am particularly good at getting rid of greenbacks.) but I never thought of them as bringing bad luck. The RD article seems to suggest that if you are intent on it, you can find condemnation of almost anything if you search enough cultures. And QAnon has taught us we can believe in just about anything if we search through enough tweets.

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