Say this secret word and you'll get no applause from the Right

woke -



“…there’s nothing wrong with being ‘woke'”   Boris Johnson


A word that’s anathema to Conservative folk

Who get high when their damning it like they’re on coke.

As if wayward kin,

It gets under their skin,

Like forbidden fruit and 4-letter words: WOKE.

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  • The Alzheimer's patient used it, too.

    The alt-Right seems to have this strange things with words. I remember that when I referred to the alt-Right chef, he accused the left of making up the term, but it was Bannon.

  • Seriously, of course, I wonder whatever happened to "awake" and "awakened."

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Could that be the reason why the Conservatives object to "woke"? They are pleading for good grammar? Then why would they refuse to use the adjective "Democratic" and insist on substituting "Democrat"?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    That one goes back to the 80s, as well as the "L word" does.Some sources trace it back to McCarthy. Basically it comes down to an insult, but it doesn't really convey that the Democrats are not democratic, and there is the MS point about that Democrat Party misuses a noun for an adjective.

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