A vision of the future relationship of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz : A limerick inspired by Bob Abrams

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Author’s note: The following was inspired by “A Little ditty ’bout Don & Ted Cruz” from The Chicago Board of Tirade.


Cruz narrowly won reelection in Texas

Despite his support for a con man with exes.

He darkly espoused

A bargain like Faust

And will end up in Hell near the Trumps in duplexes.


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  • I think they can afford to live in single famiy homes down there.

    I keep bringing up Jimmy Kimmel, but last week, after saying that Cruz was going to represent OPD in the Supreme Court, he had successive clips of both of them, calling each other a liar (as Abrams also points out). Of course, it was 2016, and the next day, the Supreme Court prevented any such eventuality.

  • Good one!
    Nice to find a kindred spirit.

  • Thanks for another good one.

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