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On the Body Politic, or Some short lines about long lines

Florida seniors begin swarming coronavirus vaccination sites Tampa Bay Times   In these dark times, like all of us, I’m praying for our nation. Our vacci, vacci, vacci, vacci, Vacci…vaccination.

Trump "Most Admired"? I demand a recount!

Trump, Michelle Obama top Gallup’s 2020 most admired lists CNN   A poll says that  Trump’s most admired. It comes after we said   “You’re fired!” When just  18% Chose the worst president, Common sense must have not been required.      

President Trump channels Mr. Creosote on the golf course

    Heaven’s name what does Trump eat To fatten his belly, enlarge his seat? Photo shopping alone can’t create What can food he is eating and yesterday ate. One way  to shrink the size of one’s girth: Stop eating fast food with the salt of the earth.   Mr. Creosote        ... Read more »

Like Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Trump goes golfing. We, the People be damned!

Off to the links Donald Trump heads to golf after refusing to sign $900 million coronavirus relief bill causing 14 million Americans to LOSE their unemployment benefits      Daily Mail Headline   The vaccines are here, but the times are still grim. Our demons outnumber our good cherubim. But amidst all our pain Trump is acting... Read more »

If we allow presidents to abuse, like Trump has, the pardon power, we make the Founding Fathers into babes in the woods.

George Mason   “On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 18, 1788, George Mason rose from his chair on the floor of the Virginia Ratifying Convention deeply troubled by what he thought of the convention’s failure to understand—the president of the United States might not always be someone of sound character and high intelligence. There would... Read more »

Fair or fowl? the President and Melania do a Christmas Card double take

  In their Christmas Card shot, official, deluxe, The First Lady with Trump is decked out in a tux. Whatever it lacks, This picture of quacks Is fitting, perhaps, for a pair of lame ducks.  

Citizen Trump would be a persona non grata among his Mar-a-Lago neighbors

  “Neighbors of Donald Trump’s infamous Mar-a-Lago golf club in Palm Beach, Florida are warning the president that he cannot live at the club after he leaves the White House, following an agreement he made with the town in 1993.”   [The Guardian]   Live in Mar-a-Lago?  Trump says that he might; But his neighbors are... Read more »

DOCTOR Jill Biden: If you have it, flaunt it!

“Welcome to the New Age Of The Ambitious Woman. Terrifying, isn’t it? Once you start to look for them, ambitious women are everywhere. We have qualifications, degrees and even doctorates. We start businesses, we become billionaires. We are ambitiously educated, about our lives and the world. This, dear reader, is officially the end of days.... Read more »

Attorney-General Barr's legacy will be a mixed bag of this.

  Bill Barr has thrown  in the towel. Not as wise, he looks like an owl. As he goes out the door, What is left on the floor Is full of what’s left by a barnyard fowl.      

A vision of the future relationship of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz : A limerick inspired by Bob Abrams

  Author’s note: The following was inspired by “A Little ditty ’bout Don & Ted Cruz” from The Chicago Board of Tirade.   Cruz narrowly won reelection in Texas Despite his support for a con man with exes. He darkly espoused A bargain like Faust And will end up in Hell near the Trumps in... Read more »