Trump's team of doctors were reckless to release him from Walter Reed Hospital



Trump got the OK from his doctor, Sean Conley

To return to the White House, though obviously wanly.

When he got to the balcony, out of the gate,

He took off his mask as if he couldn’t wait.

He posed for posterity and  then went inside

And spoke without saying that he could have died.

Then not wearing a mask, disappeared from our sight

No thought of infecting more people that night.


While swearing an oath not to do any harm,

What Trump’s doctors have done is more cause for alarm.



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  • Remember when Dr. Bornstein signed a letter saying that OPD was the healthiest President in U.S. History? Still is.

  • Don't his doctors realize what this is doing to their reputations?

    If the doctors read the medicine labels properly and saw what I've heard from several outlets today about delusions and such being side effects, they'd have insisted he stay in the hospital. I don't have very good opinions of doctors in general, but these people are especially horrible.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Bob Abrams has a good post on the doctors' motivations, and, as I implied above, that's what they have to do to remain his doctors, which is more important to them than their reputations in the sane world.

    I read the reports about delusions, but the only thing the drug could have done is create different delusions, but based on reports that his tweets and FB posts were tagged or deleted, I seems like they are the same old ones. Maybe breaking off stimulus talks is a new one, but I don't think so.

  • In reply to jack:

    Abrams is one of my must-reads on CN. I didn't know before I read him this morning that Conley got his job through former WH Dr. Jackson. No wonder the lies and lack of information.

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