The ghost of Hamlet haunted Trump's Town-Hall



“Mr. Donald Trump—do we have any guesses here? This one is easy—crown central in there. Everything is crowned. They do look to be well done, but everything is crowned (top and bottom). His dentist certainly didn’t hold back.”   [Rancho Santa Fe Dentistry]



On the Town-Hall in which Mr. Trump got  top-billin’

When a woman confessed that his smile was thrillin’,

A line Hamlet said

Awoke in my head:

“One may smile, and smile, and be a villain.”


a-scene-from-william-shakespeares-play-hamlet-act-i-scene-5-hamlet-f36f69“O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!”


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  • That woman's compliment for his smile was the only thing to go in Trump's favor all evening.

  • Thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.

  • According to Mary, that was Robert's job at a WH dinner.

  • The other4 day there was a Jeopardy! category on TWO PENCE. While thee were answers like "this was the fare between two stations on this," none of them had the response "Who are Mike and Greg?"

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